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I'm Hannah and I'm 17.  I like Supernatural, Doctor Who, Skyrim, Community, sleeping, Parks & Rec, Merlin, Jensen Ackles, broccoli cheddar soup from Panera, and books.

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Please let this be the end of my massive reading slump omg

Impulse - Ellen Hopkins

Basically, a lot of bad things keep happening irl and it has seriously hindered my reading.  I don't really feel up to writing a lengthy review or anything, but I will say that I enjoyed this book.  I adored the three main characters and loved watching them grow.  I love Ellen Hopkins's writing style, and thought the imagery was beautiful (as always, haha).  The one thing I kinda got annoyed with was the relationship development between the characters, and how unrealistic it seemed to be.  It's probably unfair for me to make these assumptions because I live a very different life than those of the characters in this book, and don't truly know how close people can become to one another under those circumstances.  This whole thing is kind of a jumbled mess, but all in all I am glad I read this book, and hope I will jump back into reading like I used to :)